Can Connectpoint work for you?

In a digital era, towns and cities are now encouraged to look at enhancing marketing strategies with new products, exploring what tools are available to enrich visitor experience and make it more relevant in our digital world.

The Connectpoint range of bespoke digital touchscreen software from Oxford Cartographers has the ability to transform how town and city centres inform and engage with their visitors and support their businesses and attractions.

The software allows full local and regional wayfinding and journey planning on all modes, including retailer, product and service location and payment for goods and services. It can also feature targeted, paid advertising to direct users towards particular products, services or retail outlets, not only helping to boost your town’s economy but also providing a sustained revenue stream towards the system’s installation and upkeep.

The Connectpoint software is available to use on a range of internal or external touch screens and kiosks, or to be accessed within a defined area on mobile devices. As well as the existing wayfinding and journey planning modules, bespoke enhancements can include:

  • Payment for car parking and directions back to your car
  • Payment for bus tickets to show on your mobile to the driver
  • Retailer and product search for outlets within the centre
  • Geo-sense analytics of visitor behaviour and trends
  • Incorporation of cycling, walking, car sharing and Uber/taxi information feeds and booking processes
  • The ability to download the information direct to mobile devices, through existing apps or a separate weblink

We hope this provides you with inspiration to keep your town centres vibrant and relevant in the digital age. Explore what is possible for your town centre, contact us today!

How maps can help Town Centres?

Our mapping services can prove beneficial to High Streets in many ways. Our bespoke services create clear, attractive mapping which highlights key places of interest, shops and landmarks, and can be used as the ultimate promotional tool.

Maps provide a dual role for a vibrant town centre – primarily as a street display board where the map will provide useful location information to a visitor to the town, but also, and perhaps more importantly, a well-crafted promotional map can visually display your own diverse and distinctive environment.

Clear, attractive mapping that demonstrates not only the retail environment but also the evening and night economies can help to encourage income from tourism, visitors and leisure.

In addition to use by visitors, a digital map can be used to view multiple layers of information in a simple but effective way. Entering specific data, like footfall, over a measured period of time, can easily be displayed on a map allowing businesses, BIDs and town centres to analyse and improve income locally. Although such information may be hard to decipher on a chart or spreadsheet, a map can easily communicate the information for the end user.

Think what a high street could do with a quick and simple tool that could pinpoint an area that requires improvement and focus its marketing efforts. Or even use the map to help to rent vacant property in an area that is proven to have increased its footfall volumes.

How do we do it?

Maps need updating, and the way we set up our digital files allows this to be done easily. It’s a very different way of working to a designer/illustrator. Files are multi-layered with sophisticated linkages and styling so that a new road, business, place of interest, event or dealership can be added swiftly and plotted accurately. This is more cost effective than having to completely re-draw a map because a new business has set up in the high street or a new road has been added.

Oxford Cartographers design and adapt maps to provide the size, styling and colours you need, and supply the maps in a range of formats.

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