How Connectpoint can support the Car Rental Industry?

  • User can engage with an interactive map that highlights where the nearest tourist attractions / places of interest are to their location
  • Create a journey planner, allowing users to not only seek the best and/or quickest route to their destination
  • Ability to have those same directions sent by email or text to the user
  • Generate advertising income from vendors to display their adverts on your Connect Point, such as Starbucks or a Hotel chain for example.
  • Give the user the ability to obtain a QR code to get a discount either from the vendor or for a future booking with your business (again can be sent by email or text for future use)
  • For customers wanting to return their vehicle elsewhere in the UK, produce interactive vicinity maps
  • For customers visiting the city centre of London, showing congestion charge borders
  • Ability to download UK Traffic laws direct to your mobile
  • Airport terminal plan to identify exit points, car pick up points or essential supplies for the journey ahead by showing shops within the terminal
  • Option to use data feeds to assist customers such as showing the local airports flight updates and times.

There are a number of areas or ideas that could be included into the Connect Point system. Ultimately this can be designed to your specifications, whilst providing your customers with an interactive map tool unlike any other.


Below are a few examples of how we can help some specific industries. Click on the icons to learn more.


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