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Welcome to Oxford Cartographers digital wayfinding solution, Connectpoint

Our online interactive travel planning solutions have leapt forward in their ability to use scheduled and real-time passenger transport data that councils hold to plan a journey at bus stop-specific level.

We can also incorporate a UK-wide journey planner, show zonal overlays for demand responsive transport in rural areas, incorporate data that shows cycling and walking routes and their popularity.

The displays have been designed to be relevant to any location reliant on good public transport access.

When used in any public area with a need for information, the interactive screen software can provide members of the public instant access to real-time bus & rail departures, bus & rail routes, local tourist attractions and journey planning through a clear, intuitive touch-screen interface.


Our developers have enhanced the user experience of the software for disabled users by ensuring that the screens meet accessibility guidelines and we will be constantly looking to improve on this further in future updates.

All journeys planned via the software can be instantly sent to a users mobile phone, allowing the public to walk away from the Connectpoint screen with their specific journey.

It’s not all about bus timetables. Journey planning for local tourist attractions, cycle routes, or any other business that needs to promote itself to the public can all be displayed.

With the additional advertising space at the bottom, you have the ability to promote mTicketing apps, local businesses or product discounts as an additional revenue stream.

If you are looking for a digital wayfinding solution, then please contact us to discuss your requirements.



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