We don’t often get up and shout about what cartographers do – but it is rather brilliant.  We make beautiful, practical, informative maps of the highest quality.  We really enjoy a challenge, and many of our happy customers return again and again with mapping conundrums for us to solve.

How we help you

Some people see maps as a bit of a puzzle – but that’s what we like. We find out the purpose of the map, the message you need to convey, and more about you and your customers, then make suggestions and put together mock-ups using your branding and colour palette.

Our services

Our cartographic service offers something different – it is not off-the-peg. We get to know you and your mapping needs then develop maps which fit your requirements and address the needs of your customers and users.

Our cartographers offer advice throughout the process, from design and the latest map updates – places, countries and time zones – to cost-effective printing and file formats for your website. Map colours and designs are adapted to your corporate palette.

Who we serve

Our clients include retail outlets, supermarkets, vehicle manufacturers, shipping agencies, insurance companies, international removals businesses, restaurants, hotels, local authorities, charities and a whole range of publishers from diary manufacturers to bible publishers.

For the business-to-business market, we create branded customised maps, putting your company’s name and contact details in front of your clients on an interesting product with a long life. People like to keep our maps.

Your company information can be on wall maps, folded maps and desk mats. The same map file can be used on your website, vehicle sides, empty shop wraps and public presentations.
Oxford Cartographers can mark your locations – UK, Europe or Worldwide – and can create tailor-made detailed location maps for shops, hotels and offices.

Our Group Company

National Map CentreNational Map Centre provide a fast and efficient large scale mapping service, including site centred plans for planning applications; and mapping data for use in CAD systems. They supply mapping for the whole of the UK.

Our cartographers make mapping easy for you.


We can provide maps for every industry, but we have many clients that are in these business sectors:


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