What is a topographic map?


The colours on the map are used to show altitude layers, for example, green between 0 and 200 metres, yellow from 200 to 500 metres, and brown above 500 metres.

What is a topographic map?2017-10-23T09:55:38+01:00

What is a thematic map?


A map that depicts a particular subject, for example, population density or wheat production using colours or symbols.

What is a thematic map?2017-10-23T09:54:48+01:00

What does star fold mean?


A map that has a combination of rectangular and diagonal folds so that on opening it resembles a star shape. It allows the map to open in a single action.

What does star fold mean?2017-10-23T09:54:02+01:00

What is scale?


The relation of the size of a map to the actual size of its area on the ground expressed as a "representative fraction". For example 1:1,000,000 means one unit of length on the map represents one million such [...]

What is scale?2017-10-23T09:53:18+01:00

What is a projection?


The technique used by cartographers to turn the spherical surface of the earth to a flat plane in order to represent it on a flat piece of paper. There are hundreds of different projections; none can be an [...]

What is a projection?2017-10-23T09:47:59+01:00

What is a locator map?


A map which is especially drawn to enable the user to find a specific place, for example, an office or supermarket in a city.

What is a locator map?2017-10-23T09:46:27+01:00

What is geo referencing?


A system of x-y coordinates applied digitally to a map which enables any point on the map to be located automatically on calling up its coordinates. Alternatively clicking onto any point on the map will yield the coordinates [...]

What is geo referencing?2017-10-23T09:52:33+01:00
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