Unlock Success: Harness the Power of Custom Maps for Your Town or Business

In today’s digital age, maps have become an integral part of businesses’ visual communication strategy. While readily available maps from the internet may serve a basic purpose, they often fall short of accurately representing the information crucial to your business. Off-the-shelf maps might even unintentionally highlight competitors and present data that isn’t aligned with your brand’s narrative. This is where the power of Oxford Cartographers custom maps comes into play, offering a tailored solution to showcase your town centre or business area effectively.

Ashwell Parish located in Hertfordshire were looking to create a new locator map of their beautiful village. The locator map needed to show key places of interest and retail businesses along with an inset to focus on the central part of the village. Ashwell Parish wanted the map design to show the village layout and roads / paths in a realistic and reasonably contemporary fashion along with monochrome images of places of interest and key businesses to enhance identification of them for users of the map. This map was printed in a leaflet style and also will be available via their website.

Graham Lee, Ashwell Parish Council

Unveiling the Limitations of Generic Maps

Maps downloaded or created in-house may seem like a quick fix, but they lack the precision required for businesses aiming to highlight specific information. Generic maps are designed for broad use and might inadvertently include details that aren’t favourable for your business, such as competitors’ locations or irrelevant data. This can dilute your brand message and mislead your audience.

The Precision of Customised Maps

Customised maps provide a 100% accurate representation of your chosen area, ensuring that every detail is aligned with your business objectives. By tailoring the map to your specific needs, you have control over what information is emphasised, creating a visual narrative that resonates with your brand identity. Whether it’s a town centre map or a location guide for your business, customisation ensures that the map serves your unique purposes.

We wanted to produce our own enhanced map of Oxford city centre: showing the city’s attractions, hotels, museums etc in the right places and in an easy to read format was our top priority, as was the quality of the print and finish to make it a very usable tool for Oxford’s visitors. We were also looking for the flexibility of our own map rather than those we can easily buy in, so that we can use it for other purposes within Experience Oxfordshire’s varied work. We are glad that the finished map has met our needs, and we look forward to sharing it with the many thousands of visitors to Oxford.

Vanessa Allen, Customer Services Development Manager, Experience Oxfordshire

A Versatile Marketing Tool

Hitchin Town Centre Map

Customised maps go beyond traditional uses. They are a powerful marketing tool that can be incorporated into various promotional materials. From wall maps and mouse mats to desk mats and mugs, these maps offer a creative and effective way to promote your company. Imagine having a map that not only guides customers but also reinforces your brand every time they glance at it.

We found it really useful to have our own map for which we had the copyright, and have used it in several of our publications. It’s on our main Market Place notice board, and it’s used in tear-off pads in hotels and estate agents.

Keith Hoskins, Hitchin Town Centre

Online Presence Amplification

In the digital era, your online presence matters as much as your physical one. Customised maps can seamlessly integrate into your website and publicity presentations, offering a cohesive branding experience. Visitors to your site can explore an interactive map that highlights key locations, making it easier for them to engage with your business.

The era of generic maps is fading, making way for customised solutions that align with your business goals. By investing in a personalised map for your town centre or business district, you not only enhance accuracy but also create a powerful marketing tool that reinforces your brand identity across multiple channels. So, embark on the journey of map customisation and witness how it transforms your visual communication strategy.

At Oxford Cartographers, we make beautiful, practical, informative maps of the highest quality. We enjoy a challenge, and many of our happy customers return again and again with mapping conundrums for us to solve.

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