McKesson, ranked 5 of Fortune 500, delivers medical devices to retail pharmacies and institutional providers like hospitals and health systems throughout North America and Europe. In addition, McKesson delivers a comprehensive offering of healthcare products, technology, equipment and related services to the non-hospital market — including physician offices, surgery centers, long-term care facilities and home healthcare businesses.


McKesson required an innovative and interactive map service to clearly and accurately plot locations of their global distribution footprint and shipping lanes. The custom map solution shows their global shipping lanes from Origin to the US and Europe for their business units Cypress, NorthStar and McKesson Europe.

This map offers immediate clarity and accurately portrays their international locations and the interactive map can quickly adapt to cater for route changes as required. The complete solution needed to be simple to use and allow for immediate updates as required.


By listening to their needs and requirements, Oxford Cartographers provided an interactive map that McKesson can effectively show destinations, international routes and plot the various shipping lanes for each business unit.

As part of the requirement, it was essential that a colour palate for individual branding and business sectors was built into the interactive map solution so routes for each business could be clearly shown and separated in layers as required, demonstrating each business unit at any one time. Incorporating individual branding provides a simple visual interface for the users and clearly illustrates the scale of the McKesson operation.

As well as the interactive map solution McKesson, our consultants also provided the custom map solution required for printed media for display purposes and also a version that could be used with Powerpoint for corporate demonstrations.

“Oxford Cartographers are experts when it comes to mapping. Their understanding and professional approach toward our requirements, delivered exactly what we wanted. Their flexibility and attention to detail gives us the satisfaction that we have aligned ourselves with the interactive map experts. We are delighted with the results and the solution provided.”

Margaret Smith, Global Supplier Operations Manager