The Challenge

Travelodge have been working with Oxford Cartographers for their mapping needs for the last 3-4 years.

With the imminent launch of a nationwide advertising campaign through both online and offline media channels, it was felt that a new look customised hotel map was needed to complement the initiative, and Travelodge turned to trusted partner Oxford Cartographers to fulfill the brief.

What we did

The newly designed customised map needed to include the Travelodge network of over 500 hotels and supplement the nationwide campaign.

Each hotel was represented on the map with a numbered dot, laid out on the reverse of the map the number was married with the hotel name.

The hotels were sub-divided into regions – England, London & M25, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Spain. Then, within each country/region, the hotels were listed in alphabetical order by hotel name.

The new artwork was then placed into the brochure, taking into account the fold pattern. This ensured the fold would not compromise important artwork. Once completed, Travelodge were supplied a PDF proof and a pre press colour proof for approval.

The Result

Travelodge were delivered brochures that not only reflected their new advertising artwork, but also provided a clear and concise map that represents the location of their hotels across the regions.
The map is an additional form of marketing that Travelodge can use to highlight their nationwide brand. This enables clients to know that no matter where they travel there is a Travelodge nearby, and they can depend on the Travelodge brand.

“The branding team that worked on this project are very happy with the outcome of the map. We are already looking at another project where we will involve Oxford Cartographers again, as they fully understand our brand due to the relationship we have built over the past few years.”

Lianda Henderson
Brand Manager – Travelodge

travelodge map_A5