Companies with their own websites often seek simple but professional maps to assist their clients in finding their locations and we can provide not just a physical map but also an interactive map.

Interactive maps or web mapping allows you to embed a map direct into your webpage. It helps to keep your visitors engaged and can demonstrate information relevant to your company in several ways:-

  • Information that can be switched on/off depending on users’ points of interest
  • The points of interest can show links, pictures or videos about that area
  • Customizable reference points
  • Completely branded to your company colours
  • Ability to update changes or demonstrate future developments that could affect your users

Some free interactive maps might focus on data that could be negative to your business for example competitors. Customised interactive maps will not only be 100% accurate, but they will reflect your company brand and the information that’s relevant to you and the message you want to convey.


Here is an example of a HTML interactive map. Click on the picture to example. Click on the “show layers” button to view areas of interest.