Oxford Cartographers’ Business Development Manager Lynne Broda knows that customers seldom use just one shipping company, especially when it comes to air freight.

“For shipping companies and handlers, there is a real and constant need to educate existing and potential customers on your breadth of services to maximise throughput…

It’s important to let customers know the countries and regions you serve and to do this with a promotional map, highlighting shipping routes, main destinations and facilities is a simple and effective way to remind customers of this.”

World-class Oman container trans-shipment hub Port of Salalah recognised the importance of clear, customised regional and global mapping to underpin its strategic position to both its staff and client base. The maps produced for the Port of Salalah have certainly borne out the theory.

World Customised Map

World Customised Map

Salalah Region A1_4 98021-page-001

Regional Map