GIS Mapping

GIS is the buzz word these days in the mapping world. A geographic information system (cartoGIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data.

Many industries use GIS technology in various forms. Using this technology in mapping allows vast amounts of data to be demonstrated easily and effectively.

How it can be used? Here are several examples

1) A large chain of hotels using this technology can manage new hotel openings simply and effectively ready for marketing campaigns.

2) Property companies can store their property data, analyse potential areas for development, capture highest sales achievements etc and present this within their teams in a readable, fun format.

3) Disaster recovery companies can load historical data to highlight geographical areas which have been susceptible to adverse weather conditions. They can analyse, manage and target insurance companies in the event of such weather in the future.

Can you benefit from GIS mapping?

There are many cartomany more examples of how GIS mapping can be more than a visual aid, and can be beneficial to the development and growth of a company. If you would like to find out more about how we can help then contact us on 01993 705394.


Cartography vs Designers

Surely the design agency you are using for your marketing material would be fine?autumnnews1

Recent feedback from our clients has pinpointed key cost savings, and a clear difference between using a designer/illustrator and using a cartographer to make maps.

How we are different?

Maps need updating, and the way we set up our digital files allows this to be done easily. It’s a very different way of working to a designer/illustrator. Files are multi-layered with sophisticated linkages and styling so that a new road, business, place of interest, event or dealership can be added swiftly and plotted accurately. Isn’t this more cost effective than having to completely re-draw a map because a new business has set up in the high street or a new road has been added?


With limited budgets, can your map afford not to be created by the people who live, breath and understand maps?

If you want a map that adapts to your environment, call us to discuss your project on 01993 705394